Important Black Metal Scales That You Must Learn to Become a Professional

Published: 23rd April 2010
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The black metal genre of music was brought into being by the band named Venom who had named one of its songs 'Black Metal'. From then on black metal music has become popular, especially amidst the youth of today. In this context, it is important to remember that to become a professional black metal guitarist, you must master the black metal scales. This is a must with regard to technique and style. Some of the most common scales have been mentioned below:

The natural minor scale is used quite commonly while playing heavy metal. It is not an exotic scale, but can produce several exquisite and unique music combinations. However, this scale lacks tension. It is also categorized under the major scale as the 6th mode. While playing this scale try being innovative and creative in your riffs, picking techniques and hooks; and you will be able to create some of the most unique playing styles.

Next is the harmonic minor scale. It is almost similar to the natural minor scale but comprises of a 7th sharp / major. Thus, the corresponding chord related to this scale is sharp 7 minor. Metal guitarists usually make use of power chords to enhance their performance; and using this scale along with power chords will help you display a really good and extraordinary performance. This combination will produce some enigmatic music for your audience.

Another important scale is known as Phrygian scale that is most commonly used by metal guitarists. The second tone of this scale is flat and it also falls under the major scale category in the 3rd mode. This produces a unique sound that is dark and somber. To add some flavor you may combine Phrygian power chords along with the Phrygian scale and display some of the most exotic metal combinations and music.

The Lydian scale is a major scale. It has a sharpened 4th note and produces qualitative sound and sequence. The scale is most suited for metal that is played at slow pace and rhythm. The scale goes well with its related power chords.

Another exemplary metal pattern is the Jewish or Spanish Gypsy scale. It can also be used as an alternative to the Phrygian scale. This is also a dominant major scale and produces some great heavy metal combinations, riffs and picks. Remember the more you mix, match and combine these metal music knowledge to your advantage, the more extraordinary will your performance be!

So, practice your scales and combinations till they are perfect and you will become an expert in time!

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